Hardwood Floor Installation

Upgrade Your Round Rock Home With New Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors last longer than carpet and they can be easier to keep clean as well as refinished for a brand new look. Hardwood flooring is always esthetically appealing and in-demand so you can add up to 2.5% in value to your home for when you want to sell.

Technique Hardwood Floor Installation

Installing hardwood floors can vary depending on the width, thickness, and construction of the hardwood product, and where it is being installed. - Solid hardwood flooring is usually nailed or stapled to a subfloor. - Engineered floors are fastened, glued or installed as a floating floor.

Not All Wood Floors Can Be Recovered

Not all wood floors can be recovered if there is too much damage done. That is where Technique comes in. Our wood floor installers have provided expert service in Killeen, Round Rock, Temple & Surrounding Areas.