The Components of Hardwood Floors

All hardwood floors have their own unique characteristics.

-The color of the wood – determined by what part of the tree the wood originally came from
-Grain pattern – determined by the species and how the wood is cut
-Natural variations in color

Understanding the realities of hardwood that they will fade over time as well as darken or change shades can help you make an informed decision on your hardwood purchase. They are an investment for your home and need the proper maintenance for upkeep.

Hardwood Shifts

The science in it all comes down to the fact that wood floors will expand and contract due to moisture and temperature change. Even though it is summer in the greater Austin area longer than the rest of the country, when the temperature drops, your floors will move.

This, unfortunately, can cause hairline cracks and slight height variations in the wood floors. As the weather tends to be dryer then the east coast, this is not as prevalent in Round Rock, Killeen, and Temple.