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Repair Services

Carpet Repair

Did your dog get anxiety and try digging a hole in the bedroom? No worries, we can patch it! Maybe that carpet transition in your entry way is frayed and the tack strip is exposed ... we can fix that! All repairs require use of professional equipment which helps to ensure the job gets done right the first time. We are here to provide you with simply the best carpet and seam repairs in central Texas.

Carpet Stretching

Over time the main traffic areas within our home and office begin to get stretched out and become rippled. Sometimes the entire house may become rippled out of no where. This occurrence can unfortunately be blamed on poor carpet installation. With our power stretching equipment we can assure you that your carpet will be stretched back into place the right way.

Tile Repair

Cracked tiles? Missing grout? Our team of qualified technicians can get your tile floor back in shape, call Technique today to get a free estimate on fixing cracked tiles and grout lines. Our tile repair solutions will make your tile look awesome again!